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  • 12 Mar

    Green Challenge!

    Tip of the Week… Never leave the house without a baggie of fresh cut fruit or vegetables this week!  Use your snacks as opportunities to get in extra servings of veggies!!! Greetings Fitness Friends, I hope this St. Patrick’s week is full of luck for you!  Our family has decided to begin focusing on all [...]
  • 1 Mar

    2 Successful Tips

    “If you’d like to know what your choices and experiences were like in the past, you can examine your body now.  If you’d like to know what your body will look like in the future, examine your choices and experiences NOW.” Deepak Chopra ______________________________________________________ Happy March Fitness Friends, I’ve received several studies this past week from various [...]
  • 7 Feb

    A Chance to Help

    Fitness Friends & Family, It has been nearly 20 years since the first time the effects of cancer personally impacted me.  In 1992, my grandpa was diagnosed with leukemia and 3 weeks later I attended his funeral.   Back then I thought cancer was an “old persons” disease. In college, one of my best friends began [...]

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